Our Service is your peace of mind
There is a well known saying “Prevention is Better Than Cure”, this applies to everything and also to 'JAY' products. So preventing a problem is always better than fixing one. That simple philosophy is behind our annual maintenance contracts as they are designed to reduce operational risks and help provide you with a trouble-free materials handling operation.
Service Support
At 'JAY' we have always had the customer as our prime focus. We take utmost care to cooperate with reliable and well trained service partners. But at the same time we have our own well trained service engineers for the backup.
'JAY' Genuine Spares Parts
In order to maintain the built-in quality of your 'JAY' products, it makes sense to repair them using high-quality parts. Which is why we only recommend to use genuine 'JAY' spares parts. Not only will they preserve the value of your INVESTMENT over time, they also be the best fit, and as a result deliver the quickest and most reliable repairs, while minimizing downtime and maintaining the safe operation of your trucks.
Free Lifetime Telephonic Support
Sometimes there are some minor problems in day to day use, which are just matter of minutes, but as you are unaware how to solve, you have to be at the disposal of local service providers. So 'JAY' has brought a new innovative idea and are one of the only company in India to provide Free Life Time Telephonic Support from our well trained service engineers. It is one the best reasons for buying 'JAY' products, and so this makes us different from other competitors.
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