Product Overview

Electric Reach Trucks from ‘JAY’ are the ideal compact lift truck solution for high rise racking. Its main advantage is it compact size and higher reach with maximum stability, because of which you can have the maximum usability of the warehouse space.

With negligible costs per pallet movement, they provide the necessary output for light to medium-weight loads. The lift heights are available upto 12.5mtrs. The trucks have a high residual load capacity and boast a high level of comfort for fatigue-free operation. In particular, a vibration-free operator compartment.

‘JAY’ Electric Reach Trucks, ERTSI-15 have a solid and durable chassis design. The lower frame is designed as a solid steel structure and provides a low load center, high stability and high residual load capacities. Curve assist adjusts the truck speed around bends for improved driving safety. The all-wheel brake and four independent braking systems provide additional safety. The parking brake, which automatically engages when the driver exits the truck, increases safety when stopping on ramps and gradients.



‘JAY’ Electric Reach Trucks are designed with a focus on the ergonomic requirements of drivers. This is applied to the whole truck – from the vibration-free chassis to the individually adjustable control consoles and the cushion. All control elements are designed for intuitive use and effective, fatigue-free operation. The low cabin entry point and the extensive adjustment options for the driver's seat protect the driver and increase operating efficiency.

Load Capacity 1600 kgs
Max Lift Height 12500mm
Load Centre 600mm
Fork length 1150mm
Fork Width 1200mm
Overall Width 1270mm
Power 48V / 450-580Ah
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The Proven Perfomers for higher heights.

  • No carbon brushes
  • Maintenance free – AC Drive Motor
  • Heavy duty chassis

Options and Accessories

Boom attachment

Battery changing stand

Detachable platform

Load back rest