Stacker Cranes for Boxes
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  • General Introduction
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General Introduction:
The stacker crane is the device in charge of performing the location & extraction operations of the boxes in the racking, along with transporting and depositing them in the P&D station of the warehouse. Stacker cranes move in two ways: longitudinally, up& Down the aisle guided on a rail, and vertically, when locating the boxes in the different levels and/or depths of the racking.

With the 'JAY' miniload crane and High-bay shelving completely covers rack automation for totes, cartons and trays and presend the ideal solution for maximum use of vertical storage while using very little floor space.

Since, there are a variety of load handling devices to choose from, thers are almost no restrictions to form and surface of the items to be stores or buffered. Whether your stacker crane has one or two masts, your load handing device can be custom fitted to your requirements. The modular building block system allows for an individual custom design and ideal cost-performance ratio.

The standard automatic warehousing systems for boxes or trays which integrate shelves, machinery and warehouse management software into a single product.
Its extra ordinary capacity for adaptation makes it possible to integrate any production or storage process.
Single Mast JML stacker cranes for boxes:
Single mast stacker cranes for boxes is designed to achieve a high level of productivity and manage two types of boxes:
600 x 400 mm Box: These stacker cranes are capable of managing plastic, cardboard or metal boxes, and rigid trays with a variable box and load height.
800 x 600 mm Box: regarding boxes with greater capacity, 'JAY' can organise the movement of any type of boxes or trays, and, as with lower volumen boxes, heights adjusted to the needs of the warehouse are available.
Advantages :
Optimization of storage volume.
Improved inventory reliability and optimization
Adjustment to your individual warehousing strategy
Safe storing of sensitive or valuable goods
Short order processing times
Flexible adjustment to altered logistics parameters and processes
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