Self Supported Warehouses (Silo Systems)
“Optimum solution to store at a large heights; can be used together with traditional and automated systems.”
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  • General Introduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
Also called as clad rack silos. The range of atlernative designs of shelving systems is extremely varied. Ranging from a fully automated high bay racking system in a silo design to a manually operated shelving system, installed in a hall, a large number of combined designs exists between these two options. A silo design is one where the racking represents the load-bearing sub-constructions for the roof and side walls. These systems are racking constructed to which roof and walls are fixed . The stores are automatically controlled and reach heights up to 30 mtrs. The silo design provides shortest construction times and offers interesting depreciation oppurtunities.

The decision between a self support mezzanine and an internal warehouse is often particularly significant. This is because the self support deisgn provides a number of benefits even other than a faster setup:
Storage at high height, enables maximum use of available surface area without wastage of space.
Allows a wide range of goods to be stored.
Attractive space savings thanks to a compact design
Simple base foundations thanks to load distribution across multiple columns.
Quicker availability of the system thanks to a rapid assembly.
Types of 'JAY' Self Supported Warehouse (Silo Systems):
Self Supported Warehouses (SILO System) - Integrated with Conventional Pallet Racking for Lift Trucks
Self Supported Warehouses (SILO System) - Integrated with Double deep Pallet Racking
Self Supported Warehouses (SILO System) - Integrated with Long Span Shelve Racks
Self Supported Warehouses (SILO System) - Integrated with Multi-tier long Span Shelve Racking
Self Supported Warehouses (SILO System) - Integrated with Cantilever Racking
Applications :
High rack silos are self supported warehouses, are used for storing large quantities of high throughout articles.
Advantages :
Heights upto 30m achievable
Utilisation of storage sapce to full height.
Reduction in use of conventional buildings
Reduced construction time.
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