Radio(Satellite) Shuttle Systems (RSH)
Satellite(Radio) & Shuttle-car Systems (SSH)
“High density, intelligent, fast & efficient storage solution...”
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Radio Shuttles Systems:
Radio shuttle systems are a semi-automatic storage systems. Here a forklift sets the pallet on top of the radio shuttle. The cart then moves along the track to place the load in the correct location. Using a remote control, the operator can execute all procedures for storing and extracting pallets. High precision sensors control how the radio shuttle moves the stored load.
Satellite & Shuttle-car Systems:
The shuttle is the main trolley powered by battery which carry the satelite and/or the loading unit in the x-direction. This module can be supplied with an integrated chain conveyor that is used to transfer the loading units to the in/out bays or to the lift. The satellite is the smaller cart powered by battery which lift,carry and store the loading unit in the warehouse channels (Z-direction). These two modules reach the warehouse level selected by the software (y-direction) by means of an elevator (lift).
Design :
Heights upto 14mtrs.
Heights upto 30 mtrs
FiFO or LIFO system designed.
Applications :
This systems are ideal for high-density compact storage, cold storage, buffers for temporary storage or prepared orders.
Food & beverages
Dairy products
White goods
Consumer goods etc.
Advantages :
Improve efficiency.
Increased storage.
Reduced accidents
Elements lane damage.
Maximize productivity.
Highly compatible.
Optimizes spaces
Economical automated system for homogenous products.
Easy to manage
Flexible & expendable
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