Multi-tier Long Span Shelve Racking
“Optimising individual storage, utilizing the whole height of the warehouse”
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  • General Introduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
The importance of taking full advantage of the space of the warehouse requires solutions which make it possible to access the highest levels.
One of these solutions consists of installing high-bay racking with one or several levels of gangways or elevated aisles supported on the racking itself.
Access to the different levels of gangways is made by means of stairways located in suitable places, fitted in function of accessibility and safety.
As a compliment to the stairways, freight lifts or scissors lifts can also be installed.
Applications :
The arease of application for this type of racking are extremely caried:
Warehouses for spare parts
Packaging Warehouse
Warehouses for industrial supplies and DIY products
Warehouse for hanging garments
Advantages :
Immediate Access to all articles
Flexible & expendable
Easy to assemble
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