Mezzanines: SiG Series
“Doubling your floor space, with maximum storage flexibility”
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  • General Introduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
Mezzanine floors enable the working height of a space to be utilised to its full potential by doubling or tripling the surface area. They can be designed as storage areas, changing rooms or offices, among other concepts. Installation a mezzanine floor is the best way of optimising available space. They can occupy the whole space or just the highest parts of the room.

The mezzanine design must take into account the access-ways, work system, the product and handling methods so that such elements as stairs, handrails & loading and unloading zones can be planned. Platform & goods lifts can also be incorporated to facilitate the movement of goods from one level to another.

Different railing systems are developed by 'JAY' to suit individual requirements. All the railings are designed for medium duty loads only. This railings are modular or fixed depending upon the requirements. They are usually selected depending upon the applications and nature of work carried out on the mezzanine.
2-Rail:900 VP or 3-Rail:1100 VP U-Channel type
2-Rail:900 VP or 3-Rail:1100 VP Sq.Tube type
2-Rail:900 or 3-Rail:1100 Sq. Tube Frame Welded type
4-Rail:1100 VP Sq.Tube welded type
Applications :
The applications of mezzanines are only limited by the imaginations of the user.
Mezzanine floors can be used for averiety of appications, such as work areas, component assembly areas, order preparation zones, storage space or offices.
Mezzanines with two or three floor levelscna be installed, where the ground floor can be used for shelving system for storing medium to small sized goods and larger amount of picking operations. The top floors can be used to store large or less frequently consumed products.
Mezzanines systems can be installed in a fashion so as to classify the storage area for hanging or storing items. The structure itself supports the elements required for the movement of items.
A common application is to use the bottom area as a work or order preparation zone and the top part as offices or isolated work areas, complemented by aluminium partitions & false ceilings for a more agreaable working space.
Mezzanine for offices for the control & management areas in a factory.
Advantages :
They are quick, clean & easy to install.
They can be completely disassembled; all parts can be reused, and thier structure, size or location can be easily be modified.
The wide range of sizes & floor types and construction syste,s mean the mezzanines can be adpated to meet specific client needs.
They can be complemented with a variety of shelving system.
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