High Bay Shelving for Stacker Crane for Boxes (Racking for AS/RS)
“Racking for High Dynamic Picking systems”
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  • General Introduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
This is the optimum system for handling boxes for picking, following the ‘product-to-man’ concept.
The mini-load automated warehouse for boxes is made up of a central aisle along which a stacker crane travels and two racks built at both szides used to store boxes or trays. The picking and handling area is made up of conveyors and is positioned at one end or at the side of the racking. Here, the stacker crane deposits the load extracted from the rack. The conveyors then take the box to the operator and once he/she has finished the task at hand, it is returened to the stacker crane which then places it back in the racking. The whole system is controlled by a management software package which registers the location of all the materials in the warehouse and keeps an inventory in real time.
The system’s extraordinary capacity to adapt enables it to integrate into any production or storage process.
The racking system is designed to adapt perfectly to the movement of the stacker crane and for the high-bay storage of boxes. Its design enables greater use of space and an increase in the storage capacity, by optimising the movements of the stacker crane.
Types of Mini-Load Shelving System:
'JAY' High-bay shelving for stacker crane for boxes – single deep
'JAY' High-bay shelving for stacker crane for boxes – double deep
Applications :
This are mainly used for ‘Man-to-goods’ principle.
Engineering Stores
Small Parts Warehouse
Packing Material
Advantages :
Automation of the entry nd exit operations of your products.
Saving in storage space.
Eliminating the errors arising from the manual management of the warehouse.
Controlling and updating inventory management.
Multiplying client service capacity.
Swift payback of investment.
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