Drive-In Racking for Pallet/Satellite Shuttle Systems
“Compact storage and optimum utilisation of space...”
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  • General Intoduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
'JAY' Pallet shuttle systems are a semi-automatic or Fully automatic storage soultions for handling goods inside channels similar to Drive-In systems. Radio Shuttles & Satellite Shuttle systems are multi-deep storage system equipments in which radio(satellite) moves within the rack, thus eleminating the need for forklits, to reach inside the lanes.

This high density storage system simplifies loading and unloading goods by utilizing an electric cart called the radio(satellite) shuttle. This systems are mainly used for high density storage of homogenous goods.
Applications :
This systems are idela for storing large, heavy volumes of items with a low quantity of different items. The racking system combines the benefits of block storage with those of racking storage.
FMCG companies
Food production
Meat Processing
Beverage production & distribution
Cold storage
All drive-in/drive-thru racking users.
Advantages :
Efficient system of compact storage for warehouse with low levels of sku.
Optimization of storage, loading and unloading stages
Low level of risks to the warehouse operating staff
Low level of risks or damage to the equipment-loading machinery & racks.
Removes the need for special fork-lifts.
Very High throughput
Careful load handling
Less chances of damage to the racking, due to the fact the forklit does not enters the loading bay.
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