Cartoon Live Storage (Live Picking)
“Fifo for cartoon, boxes & crates”
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  • General Introduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
Racking for Cartoon live storage or live Picking is made up of slightly inclined platforms of wheels & rollers, on which the goods are deposited at one end. They then slide down on thier own until the far end, positioned at the exit aisle.
This system guarantees perfect product turnover, prevents interference in the replenishment and collection of material, and increases speed in order preparation.
It is designed for areas in the warehouse with a large volumne of picking as they increase the number of lines to prepare and remove the need for personal to make unnecessary journeys when doing these operations.
The racking for live picking requires a loading or replenishment aisle and a preparation aisle.
As a rule, they are installed in areas with considerable picking activity, but also in assembly chains, buffer warehouses between two work points, etc.
Applications :
A wide range of sectors make use of this storage system, ranging from warehouses for mass consumption products, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, to IT and car industry articles, etc.
Advantages :
Perfect product turnover.
Greater number of references at the front of the racking.
Reduction in time for order preparation.
Greater storage capacity.
Possibility to fit a pick-to-light system (a screen which provides orders details to the operators).
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