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Model No. : EPT-22   Capacity : 2200 Kgs
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The Electric Pallet Truck from 'JAY' is an ideal solution for palletizing loads, and an intelligent mode of transport of goods over long distance. The Electric Pallet Truck is a heavy duty truck can be used for horizontal transport of goods, featured with compact design and small turning radius suitable for maneuvering in narrow aisle and gangways. The Electric Pallet Truck is a suitable for warehouses and other industrial applications where transport of goods is undertaken, this can be used in chemicals, rubber and plastic industries, pharmaceuticals and other logistics applications.

The EPT-22 (AC) series is weighed at 2200 kgs and featured with a MOSFET electric motor speed controller to ensure smooth controls of variation in speed and acceleration. The design comes with battery capacity of 24V – 194 Ah / 5 hr. The 1.2 KW spring suspended heavy duty drive assembly, ensures the drive wheels full contact with ground and offers easy and quick wheel replacement. Moreover, the drive motor is controlled by an advanced electronic microprocessor based MOSFET speed controller to ensure the smooth controls of variation in speed and acceleration.

The electromagnetic wheel brake is activated when the handle arm is in top and bottom position. The Electric Pallet Truck is also have a batter indicator, which indicates the battery charged condition.

The Electric Pallet Truck can be used with or without standalone platform and is also provided with side arms for operator safety.

The most advanced A.C. technology provided with EPT-22 model, AC technology provide use of min. spares easy and smooth soft start & stop operations, with no jerks while lifting & lowering. It also helps recharge the battery with transfer of energy of movement for extra battery life.
Model of manufacture     EPT - 22
Power supply (electric, diesel, petrol, gas, mains electric)     Electric
Type of operation (hand, pedestrian, stand on, rider seated, order picker)     Stand - On
Capacity/rated load Q kg 2200
Load centre distance C mm 600
Load distance X mm 1033
Wheelbase Y mm 1368
Weight (including battery)   kg 512
Axle loadings laden                                                               drive end / load end   kg 1082/1630
Axle loadings unladen                                                          drive end / load end   kg 399/113
Tyres (rubber, Vulkollan, pneumatic, polyurethane)     polyurethane
Tyre size                                                                                                    drive end   mm Ø230x75
Tyre size                                                                                                    load end   mm Ø84x70
Castorwheels (dimensions)     Ø100x40
Wheels, number(x=drive wheel)                                        drive end/load end     1x-2/4
Track width (front)                                                                                  drive end b10 mm 500
Track width(rear)                                                                                    load end b1 mm 380/525
Lift height h3 mm 120
Tiller height in neutrality position h14 mm 1323
Fork height lowered h13 mm 85
Overall length l1 mm 1815/1885
Length to front face of fork l2 mm 665
Overall width b1 mm 726
Fork dimension s/e/l mm 60/160/1150
Overall fork width b5 mm 540
Floor clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 mm 25
Working aisle with 800x1200 pallet lengthwise Ast mm 2305
Turning radius Wa mm 1640/1710
Travel Speed                                                                               laden/unladen   km/h 5.2/5.5
Lifting speed                                                                               laden/unladen   mm/s 19/35
Lowering speed                                                                         laden/unladen   mm/s 30/27
Gradeability                                                                                 laden/unladen   % 9/15
Brakes     Electric-magnetic
Drive motor   kw 1.5(AC)
Lifting motor   kw .0.8
Battery voltage,norminal capacity K5   V/Ah 24/210
Battery weight +/-5%   kg 185
Battery dimensions l / w / h      mm 645/196/570
Type of drive control     MOSFET Control AC
Turning Angle   deg 180
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