'Ezi' Electric Stacker
“Stacking made easy with the 'Ezi' Electric Stackers from 'JAY' ideal for operation in narrow aisles and gangways…”
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Model No. : ES-15   Capacity : 1500 Kgs
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The 'Ezi' Electric Stackers are ideal equipment for wide range material handling operation in narrow aisles and gangways. 'Ezi'series Electric Stackers can be widely adopted in any industrial/warehousing/logistics environment. This equipment is featured with a compact design and small turning radius make it ideal for operation in narrow aisles and gangways. The 'Ezi' series Electric Stacker is an essential for in-plant equipment used for intensive stacking and transporting in minimum cycle times.

ES-15 (AC) models are ergonomically designed with a steering handle which gives the operator an excellent steering control at all speeds. It is also equipped with a stepless forward reverse driving switch, lifting lowering switch and horn at finger tip controls. The belly switch at the end of the steering arm when activated reverses the direction of equipment hence prevents operator being squeezed between steering handle and obstacles behind.

The most amazing feature of the model is its “Turtle” function, which enables the equipment to manoeuver in narrow aisles and stacking at high lift heights very accurately and precisely. 'Ezi' series ES-15 models are designed with standon platform which has the unique feature of merging with the body thus having no projection outside the body when platform is closed, so an be used even in narrow ailes.

The new AC technology is already adopted in all our 'Ezi' series models, which shows 'JAY' designed and R&D team is constantly working to manufacture and provide world class and latest technology to it ever expanding customerbase.
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