Hydraulic Drum Lifter / Tilter
“With 'JAY' advanced electro-hydraulic drum lifters/tilters ease your lifting & tilting issues …”
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Model No. : HDL-30   Capacity : 300 Kgs
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'JAY' provides Hydraulic drum lifters/tilters in two features suitable to wide range applications viz. Manual & Electro-Hydraulic systems.

Furnished with solid steel metals, it provides stability during transit. Our drum lifters/tilters can handle open drums, hazardous/high temperature liquids etc. These Hydraulic Drum Lifters/Tilters are frequently been used for loading / unloading & emptying drums in industries like engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fertilisers, stores & warehouses. The system is very much essential where drums are frequently been handled.

The HDL-30 / EHDL-50 design model from 'JAY' comes with wide range features for multiple applications. This unique equipment comes with a toggle clamp with manual option, ensuring drums tightly. The HDL-30 model designed with hand lever operated geared mechanism for tilting. This equipment can rotate drums in 360 degree with maximum weight lifting capacity of upto 300 kgs. This model is available with lift height capacity of upto 1400 mm and tilt height upto 1550 mm. The hydraulic drum lifter is equipped with easy and precise maneuverable steering handle.
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