Electric Drum Lifter / Tilter
“With 'JAY' advanced electric drum lifters/tilters ease your lifting & tilting issues …”
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Model No. : EHDL-30   Capacity : 300 Kgs
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Electric Drum Lifters/Tilters are ideal equipment for lifting or tilting applications of drums in many industries. The Electric Drum Lifters/Tilters from 'JAY' are AC operated and featured with motorized geared mechanism. The EHDL-30 model Electric Drum Lifter/Tilter can lift standard (210 ltrs) metal drums and can rotate 360 degrees and the amazing feature of the design is it can be stopped in any angle to empty the contents.

The AC power pack system is equipped with two motors for lifting and tilting operation, a 1 H.P motor, 3 phase 415/430 volt for lifting operation and 0.25 H.P. and 3 phase 415/430 volt for tilting operation.

The mast of the Electric Drum Lifter/Tilter is made from prime quality steel profiles. The inner mast and carriage assembly are fitted with sealed ball bearing rollers side thrust rollers to prevent lateral play.

The hydraulic systems of the EHDL-30 model is raised or lowered by push button controls. The Electro-Hydraulic power pack unit is with built in pressure relief valve to prevent overloads. The lowering speed of carriage is controlled by flow control valve. The hydraulic cylinder of the Electric Drum Lifter/Tilter is made from seamless tube & hard chrome plated piston rod. All materials & hardware items confirms ISI specification.
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