Shelving & Picking
“Adjustable small parts storage systems”
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  • General Introduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
Shelving systems are designed for warehouses where goods are deposited & removed manually from shelves. Specific systems can be so designed so as to use the vertical height of the warehouse, still giving the flexibility for manual access. With the use of ‘Vertical reciprocating conveyors’, ‘Electric Lifting Platforms’ storage/retrieval from the higher reaches on storage platforms is made easy. The system also makes optimal use of the warehouse. The higher levels can also be accessed mechnically by devices that lift the operator to required height (i.e stacker cranes or order picking fork-lift trucks) or via gangways located between shelves.
Types of Push-back Pallet Racking:
Long Span Shelve Racks
High Bay Shelving for Stacker Crane for Boxes (AS/RS)
Multi-Tier Long Span Shelve Racking
Mobile Shelving - Long Span for Light Loads
Mobile Shelving - Long Span for Medium & Heavy Loads
Carton Live Storage (CLS)
Boltless Shelving
Applications :
For storage of Boxes, cartoons, carbouys, crates, trays, or loose components. Light to medium-loads, medium to heavy-loads & from small to medium to large components that can be either stored or retreived manually.
Assembly Areas
Parts Stores & Warehouses
Engineering stores
Retail stores
Packing material stores
Finished Goods area
Advantages :
Comprehensive range of accessories gurantees a versatile storage facility.
Light weight & economic construction
Good dimensional stability
Easy to adjust
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