Manual Electric Stacker [Model:ESTK-15 (M2)]
“Featuring 'JAY' Manual Electric Stackers for wide range lifting & shifting palletizing loads applications…”
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Model No. : ESTK-15 (M2)   Capacity : 1500 Kgs
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'JAY' Manual Electric Stackers are semi battery operated versions with load capacity of 1500 Kgs. 'JAY' stackers are very sturdy in nature and are very useful in lifting palletized loads. These stackers are suitable for in-plant operations where lifting is primary and transport distance is short. These stackers can also be used for loading/unloading and as an adjustable work table. They are economical and very useful in all types of industries.

The ESTK-15 (M2) version can handle load capacity upto 1500 Kgs. In this design the forks are raised or lowered by a hydraulic hand pump with a lift of 20-25 mm per stroke, and it has push button which facilitates smooth and stepless lowering of forks. The forks, mast, and carriage are made from prime quality steel profiles. The inner mast, forks and carriage assembly are fitted with sealed ball bearing rollers and side thrust rollers to prevent lateral play. The model is offered with pull/push handle with spring loaded with steering mechanism for precise turning. These stacker also has an in-built battery charger for easy maintenance and charging of battery. They are economical and very useful in all types of industries.
Model of manufacture     ESTK - 15 (M2)
Drive: (electric-battery or mains,diesel,petrol,fuel gas,manual)     manual
Type of operation (hand,pedestrian,standing,seated,order picker)     pedestrian
Load capacity / rated load Q kg 1500
Load centre distance C mm 600
Wheelbase Y mm 1180
  Weight (including battery)   kg 516 543
Tyres (solid rubber,superelastic,nylon, polyurethane)     Nylon
Tyre size,front   mm 180x50
Tyre size, rear   mm 74x70
Wheels,number front/rear     2/4
Track width, front b10 mm 680
Track width, rear b11 mm 390/490
Lowered mast height h1 mm 1780 2030
Lift height h3 mm 2500 3000
Extended mast height h4 mm 3020 3520
Height of handle min./max. h14 mm 790/1156
Fork height lowered h13 mm 85
Overall length l1 mm 1720/1580
Length to face of forks l2 mm 610/670
Overall width b1 mm 777
Fork dimension s/e/l mm 60/180/1100
Width over forks b5 mm 570
Aisle width for pallets 1000X1200 crossways Ast mm 2255
Aisle width for pallets 800X1200 lengthways Ast mm 2212
Turning radius Wa mm 1400
Lift speed                                                            laden/unladen   mm/s 65/100
Lowering speed                                                laden/unladen   mm/s 85/70
Parking brake     manual
Lift motor   kw 1.5
Battery voltage .nominal capacity   V/Ah 12/150
Battery weight   kg 45
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