HPT-50 M2

The Proven Perfomers

Hydraulic Pallet Truck by 'JAY' the perfect equipment for lifting and shifting of loads.

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Product Overview

Hydraulic Pallet Trucks from ‘JAY’ are the most economical and cost effective solution for many transport application involving short distances. Its high capacity of five tons and easy manoeuvrability in small spaces makes hydraulic pallet truck the perfect warehouse equipment.

Hydraulic pallet trucks – HPT-50 M2 are also widely known as hand pallet trucks, these are the ideal equipment for handling and movement of palletised loads, and can also be customised as long or short fork lengths, and it is widely used in factories, warehouses and many other areas. This range of equipment from JAY are very useful across all segments of industries.


HPT-50 M2

Hydraulic Pallet Trucks are upto 5 tons capacity. These equipment are fitted with chrome plated pistons, springs, ergonomic handles & heavy duty tandem nylon wheels, with excellent finish powder coated chassis.

Load Capacity 5000 kgs
Max Lift Height 195 mm
Load Centre 600mm
Fork length 1150mm
Overall Width 550/685mm
Power Manual
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The proven easy to use equipment.

  • Quiet operations
  • Easy controls
  • Quick lifting pump
  • Tandem wheels

Three positions operations

Tandem wheels

Spring loaded handle

Hard chrome-plated lift and pump piston

Options and Accessories

Load back rest