Mobile Shelving-Long Span for Light, Medium & Heavy Loads
“High Density shelving with individual access”
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  • General Introduction
  • Applications
  • Advantages
General Introduction:
Mobile Shelving is a compact archive storage system comprising of shelving or lockers mounted on mobile bases which slide along rails. This means that all but one of the aisles between the shelving units are eliminated and the modules are moved to access the required aisle.

This system optimises available space, guranteering that archived material is kept in order, clean & safe. This are compact storage system, therefore storage space can be doubled, or the amount of space required reduced. Mobile shelving is ideal for the storage of all types of books and documents, making ot a perfect system for office libraries, publishing houses, technical archives, and many more. It can also be used to store other types of small articles, such as pharmaceutical products or spare parts. Mobile shelving-Compactor system adapts perfectly to the available space and to the characteristics of the product being stored. The 'JAY' technical department will assist in providing you with the best solution for your needs, thus creating a custom built system in all aspects for your product range.

The 'JAY' J2 & J3 series shelving components will initially provide the basis for numerous bays configurations enabling to meet different requirements in terms of the product to be filed or stored, the weight and their clasification.
Applications :
Engineering Stores
Small Parts Warehouse
Hanging garments
Loose goods
Spare parts
Advantages :
It saves on spaces, as it is a compact system.
Order: the different available accessories enable articles to be perfectly classified when archived or stored.
Cleanness: as there are no asiles, the shelving units form a closed block, reducing the amount of dust entering.
Efficiency: required space is reduced and material is easily classified.
Security: the security lock for the lockers gurantees that Access is restricted to authorised personnel.
Versatility: accessories, shelf levels at 25mm intervals and a variety of sizes mean the shelving can be adapted to meet all types of requirements.
Aesthitics: mobile shelving can be blend in any working environment thanks to the materials used, the quality of finishing etc.
Strength: the installation is made of componenets designed to ensure its overall strength.
Minimum effort: the design of the wheel or the handle ensures more ergonomic shelf movement.
Easy to assemble: its fully modular construction makes the system easy to handle and assemble.
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