ELP-10 M2

Lifts your performance to New Heights

Stacking made easy with the 'Ezi' Electric Stackers from 'JAY' ideal for operation in narrow aisles and gangways…

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Product Overview

'JAY' Electric Lifting Platform (Goods Lift) are the most ideal equipment from ‘JAY’ for easy transfer of material from one floor to another, these lifts are compact in size and can easily accommodate in any area. These lifts idle for use in mezzanine floors, factory buildings etc. It can be operated from any desired floor levels. It is equipped with all safety features like door interlocking, overload protection etc. Our heavy duty structure design and high performance powerpack ensures trouble free operation for long working life

Due to their compact size and excellent design it becomes the ideal choice for goods lift application. Also these lifts are available in automated robotic loading / unloading systems synchronised with conveyor, and this range of ELP-10 is also available in A.C. version, with flameproof electricals, different platform sizes, and load capacities. This lifts can be customised as per the customer specifications and site requirements. Thus this new generation Electric Lifting Platform is the premium product in its segment.



ELP-10 M2

Electric Lifting Platform are equipped with premium quality hydraulic cylinder, robust structure, high performance powerpack and electric panel with safety light and buzzer sound systems. These lifts are available in with the lift height upto 15mtrs. And load capacities upto 1500kgs.

Load Capacity 1000 kgs
Max Lift Height 15000 mm
Type Single Cylinder
Power AC 3 Phase
Platform Size 1200 x 1200mm
Doors Swing / Collapsible
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  • Heavy duty structure
  • Excellent smooth operation
  • Customize platforms
  • Premium quality hydraulic cylinders
  • Safety light & buzzer alarm
  • Siemens / Teknic switchgears

Heavy duty structure

Control Panel with flash buzzer, Push Buttons, emergency stop, & key Switch

Excellent operating box

Customized platforms

Options and Accessories

Dual Speed operations

Automatic Doors

Robotic Loading/Unloading systems

Closed cabin structures

Wire mesh partitions